Thursday, April 30, 2009

Saying thanks...

Before anything else,  let me just thank all those who left messages on my previous post. Seriously, I did not expect anyone to comment, more so, offer words of comfort and encouragement.  

I believe that people who take time to comment like that show that they are genuinely interested, not only in what I do but in who I am.  Again, thank you.  I came to realize that although we come from different places and races, we do share the same human experiences after all.  And that makes us no different from one another.

I, of course, have not forgotten that we have been brought together, first and foremost,  by our same love for sewing and crafting in general, and so...

Here it is, the final version of my small wallet (after making 6 variations!).

This wallet has several differences from the very first version.  The main fabric is lined with fusible fleece instead of stiff interfacing, making the wallet quite thick but soft.  It has 6 card slots rather than 3.  Also, the zippered compartment on the outside is a little larger.  There is no keyring attachment on this but putting one would always be an option.

I worked double time for the past two days on making the instructions.  The eBook is now listed on my shop.  As always, I promise you clear, straightforward directions and loads of accompanying photos.

Hope I am successfully keeping you gals interested enough to come back here.  Have fun!


  1. I forgot to comment on your last post. (Sorry!)But I enjoy reading your posts both about sewing and your life. I think it's more personal if you include bits about yourself and actually makes for something we keep coming back for. It often helps to just talk about what is upsetting us most and then find others have been through similar things.
    And I really like that wallet. I've added it to my favorites in case I need a gift to make up sometime.

  2. I like the wallet also. Nice job designing it.

  3. Love how this final version turned out!

  4. I love this! Just finished it and posted pictures to my blog, with a link here and to your Etsy store. Thanks for a great, well written and easy to follow pattern!

  5. Tammy Campbell from Ottawa CanadaMay 12, 2009 at 9:45 AM

    Love the sheep material and it goes so well with the other material.

    I should try to make one of these.

  6. I love the pattern , actually I did one to see how looks but, my grandaugther came into the room and she said: "IT'S FOR ME ! THANK YOU ILOVE IT! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!