Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weight Talk

I am currently trying to lose some weight.  

No, I'm not obese...I'm not even overweight.  I am 5'3" tall and 123 lbs. heavy, with a Body Mass Index of 21.8.  Seems normal, yes?  Although I don't consider myself physically super fit,  I reckon I'm pretty healthy for my age.  I don't see the need for me to take any vitamin supplements of any kind. I simply eat sensibly and don't drink or smoke.  And I don't really get sick...I hardly even catch the common cold.  

Around 115 lbs. is right about where I want to be.  A few extra pounds just doesn't feel quite good.  I have always been on the skinny side.  When I got married 16 years ago, I was about 105 lbs.   When my first born was still a toddler, I got to as low as 100. Seriously, that didn't look good at all. Funny,  I can recall my mom asking me then if I had a problem with my husband...LOL...

Every couple of years,  I gain a few pounds, then I shed them off.  It's just a cycle. Right now, it feels like I'm bloated or something. I guess it comes with age...when metabolism slows down.  No matter how little you eat, you still manage to gain weight.  I know I have to do something now or I will have a bigger concern come winter time (in June).

Anyhow,  I'll let you know how my progress goes.  A few weeks should do it.

In the meantime,  let me just say there's a new bag in the works. Got to get back to sewing now... 


  1. Im starting tommorrow with a 10 pound wish I think dont eat after 6pm is a good start and cut out the butter and bread...hard but must.....Lets keep track of each other and good luck ...Lani

  2. Speaking of new bags, mine came in the mail today and I'm in love! Thanks again so much for sending it to me!

  3. I weigh almost the same.. :)
    Am 5'3" and am 121lbs...
    I dont smoke, nor drink tooo..
    we are quite similar.. dont u think :)