Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do I bore you?

I know for a fact that most of you found this blog and continue to come here because of the sewing I do. That is precisely why, for the most part, I talk about nothing else but just that.

I am always apprehensive to write about some other aspect of my life for fear of becoming boring. I'm not the best writer to start with and I live a pretty plain and monotonous life...(in all honesty, though, that is really fine with me.)

Should I be telling you how two months after my mom passed away, I still cry every single day? Last night, before going to sleep, my little son asked, "I wonder what lola (grandma) is doing in heaven?" To which I answered, "I know she is happy there. I always remember her." And then he said, "Oh no, why did I have to remind you? You're going to cry again." I dreamt of my mom and woke up weeping.

Should I be telling you how I've already lost 8 pounds in the last three weeks? I did mention before that I wanted to lose some weight. I am aiming for 5 more pounds.

Should I be telling you how my 13-year old son's Maths teacher asked to see me this afternoon? My son failed his last test in the recent school term and the teacher is probably concerned. You see, he is kind of 'gifted' in this area and is in fact one of the few in what they call 'Enrichment Maths Class' in his year level. Never thought it was possible for him to fail...

Well, I guess I shouldn't be talking about gibberish and get on with my crafting...

I've been trying out different versions of my kiddie wallet in the past few days. These two come closest to what the final version will be. And it won't be just for kids...

I've lined these with fusible fleece and am really liking the soft, padded feel.  I've been opening and closing them countless times. Can't get enough of the cuteness.

Oh well, that's it for now. I'll carry on with my life now. 


  1. If you need a kiddie wallet tester, let me know!

  2. Share away! Part of what I enjoy about your blog is that I can tell you are human, and have a wonderfully normal life. It makes your blog more personal. And, you happen to be a very talented and creative seamstress who also has crazy skills when it comes to installing tiny little zippers!:)

  3. I think sharing about bits of your life is healthy, and what is that saying? something like "a burden shared is a burden halved" (probably not right, but something like it). If all you did was talk about your life, I probably wouldn't visit as often, but at the same time, that makes people feel more real to me, and although I'm around the world from you (Canada), I have no doubt I will also cry daily when my mom dies, and I've spent my time worrying my (now adult)children through school. As long as you have other things like your sewing to fulfill you too, (and keep me checking your blog), share away.

  4. While I love seeing all the crafty things you do, it's nice to know a little about you personally as well. I'm so sorry about your mom. I completely understand. Been there, done that.

  5. Share of course - we love to hear about you the crafter as well as mother, daughter, friend and wife.

  6. I'm sorry to hear of your loss and like others, I would like you to share snippets of your life so we can support each other. Take care and the wallet is looking great. :)

  7. Friendships are forged on similarities yes, but people who care will read anything you write. If not they can skip those posts. It's your blog and you should write what you need/want to write.

    I am sorry you still ache for your mother like that. I can't imagine how much pain you must still be in. So thrilled to hear you've been losing those few extra pounds you had mentioned you wanted to shed. Great work!

    And, you sure have a great talent on the sewing front, especially making patterns. I drool that you can think of these things and make them come to life. I can sew absolutely anything, but I can't make them from scratch like you do. Mad talent girl, that's what you have.

  8. I originally started coming here for your crafting cuteness. You won't scare me away by letting us in more. I have started doing much the same on my blog.

    I can't tell you how sorry I am for the loss of your Mother. I know that no words can help. She must have been a wonderful woman for you to have loved her so much.

    If you want to share, remember that you have lots of online friends that will be willing to help you through the tough times and celebrate with you when you have joys.

  9. I stumbled on your blog when I googled "messenger bag tutorial", and I will for sure be returning. You do beautiful work. Thank you for posting so many tutorials!

  10. I want to tell you this to be encouraging, though on the face it may not seem that way. When my mom died I cried so much. I'm not really a crier normally, so I was surprised...and frustrated. I kept crying. Like you, I would wake up crying. Sometimes remembering a dream, but often times not. I had normal times too, but I was so very, very sad. For many months. I remember talking to my sister on the 1 year anniversary, both of us blubbering that we thought it should be over by now but we both just kept up the "surprise cries". Year two was better. It's been about 3.5 years now and I'm still just different (and still cry sometimes) but I think this is now normal. All of this just to say that I'd like you to be patient with yourself. It's terrible, I know, and there's nothing wrong with being sad for a long time.

  11. Like AmyP said, it's been almost two years now, and I still get choked up when think of her and being sad. I probably (know) I drove everyone crazy talking about her. I found that when I sew which we shared, it's better. I loved the wristlet pattern with the great way to add the zipper. Carol from Minnesota

  12. cry as much as you need to.
    it's been over a year since my daughter died and I still cry several times a week.