Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sweet Kiddie Wallet

While walking around the mall last Tuesday, my daughter and I chanced upon a small stall selling a variety of cute handmade stuff.  The man minding the stall looked Japanese to me so I just assumed the goods came from Japan (or maybe China or Korea?).  The handmade wallets and bags looked really lovely and dainty but when I inspected them closely, the quality of the stitching was a little disappointing.  They were also too flimsy for my liking.  

The wallets were expensive as well.  A small one cost from $12-15 AUD and most didn't even have a coin compartment.  Call me tight, but that's just me.  I am hard to please, especially so because I know exactly how these things are made.  Of course my daughter loved the stuff, especially the wallets.  I told her I could easily make her one that's even better and it would cost me a lot less.

And so I got to work yesterday.  Another day, another challenge.  

The front (see the keyring?) and the back with zippered coin compartment

Opened, card slots on the left and pocket on the right and long pocket for cash

Made my daughter really happy.

As for me, I am happy too.  For the quality I wanted, I would say it only cost me $2.50, or even less. And I learned to make something new again.  Perhaps another eBook coming?

PS. The shop promo is still on.  Visit my Etsy store, ok?


  1. Very cute and I say you did great! Is it your own design?

  2. Lucky girl to have a mom that can improvise so well and come up with something so great!

  3. Seriously, that had better turn into an ebook because it's adorable!

  4. Hi Carla, I thought of the design on my own but can't know for sure just how unique it is. Most handmade wallets I see have horizontal card slots. I chose to make mine vertical so the cards won't slide off from the wallet. I also chose to put the coin compartment on the outside for easier access for kids.

    Thanks for asking!