Friday, October 16, 2009

The Secret Recipe - Cathedral Windows...please vote for me!

To all my Aussie readers,

Have you heard of "The Search for the Secret Recipe" from Matchbox?  If not, please view this video first...

I don't usually join competitions but I mustered enough courage to join this one.  After all, the main prize is so tempting...a $20,000 kitchen makeover!

My entry is my late aunt's recipe for Cathedral Windows, a special dessert which I had already shared with you
here before.  I am hoping the Australian public will love this even though this dessert is not widely popular Downunder.

The major winner will be determined by the Promoter and judge Poh (of Master Chef fame).  However, there will also be a Spot Prize for the Online Voting winner and this is where I will be needing your help...

To vote, you will need to register on the Matchbox (Secret Recipe) site, after which you can choose your favourite secret recipe.  My entry can be found here:

The Secret Recipe - Cathedral Windows

**update (19 October, 6:45am): If you've been clicking on this link and it says that 'the recipe you are searching is probably removed', please check again later today.  I added a second photo to my entry last night and approval is still pending.  Will probably get back up on the site later today. Thanks!

***update again (9:52am): Recipe is back up on website! Link should work now.

The good news is Matchbox is also giving away a Voter Prize, which means, if you vote you will also be eligible to win some great kitchen goodies!

Can I bother you with voting?  Please? Pretty please?

Competition ends on the 31st of October.

P.S.  The shop special offer is still on.  Looking for 3 more buyers to get a free eBook!

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