Friday, October 9, 2009

Some exciting changes and a special offer!

I nearly shed tears (and blood!) trying to make some cool changes to this blog.  Although I am quite computer savvy, HTML codes are just not my thing. I honestly had to google everything I needed to know.  I worked by head off, consumed hours and hours in front of the computer, and neglected a lot of my household duties in the process, just to make this work...and I think I finally did it...

You may notice that I now have a navigation bar at the top of the page, just below the banner.  Nothing much really.  That one was quite easily done.  Just a quick rundown of the choices:

Home - brings you to the most recent blog post
Free Tutorial PDFs - will open a new window which will allow you to download my tutorials in PDF format.  This replaces the previous widget on my sidebar.
My Etsy - will open a new window bringing you to my Etsy Shop, Simple Things

and last but not the least...the one that nearly killed me...

eBook Shop - will bring you to my new, alternate shop!

I've decided to create another shop, which links directly to this blog, just to give you a second option.  All the eBooks being sold there are the same ones in my Etsy shop. The prices are the same as well. If you want to purchase a pattern but you don't have an Etsy account (and can't be bothered opening one), you are most welcome to purchase directly from me.  In the process, you will be saving me a bit on Etsy fees too!

I invite you all to have a look.  The first page explains how the site works.  It's a small, simple shop, nothing fancy (as if I am capable to come up with anything fancy!).

I've tested all the buttons on the shop and everything seems to be in working order. Care to be the first one to try it out?  


THE FIRST FIVE BUYERS WILL GET AN EXTRA eBOOK OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE AS THEIR PURCHASED eBOOK FOR FREE!  Only one free eBook per customer (so even if you purchase more than 1, you will only get 1 free, sorry!).  After you complete your transaction on Paypal, return to the shop's homepage and leave a comment so I would know who the first five buyers were. On your comment, include what second pattern you would like to receive. Please also make sure you identify yourself so I can match you with your Paypal transaction.  

Take advantage of this offer!  Head on over to the shop now!

(I will put an update here as soon as the five transactions come through, just so you'll be aware.)


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  2. headed to the shop now. I've been waiting for a good excuse to buy some patterns!