Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finding my destiny

Has anybody watched the movie "The Men Who Stare at Goats"?  For a George Clooney movie, it was rather disappointing.  Supposedly a comedy...I think I only laughed a couple of times...and they weren't even big laughs.  One particular scene blew me away though.  And for that alone, I reckon, it was worth having to bear with the whole thing.

That scene involved George Clooney (Lyn) and Ewan McGregor's (Bob) characters. At that point, they were kidnapped by a criminal gang and Bob was freaking out.  Lyn said something like this to Bob:

Have you heard of Optimum Trajectory before? Your life is like a river, Bob. If you're aiming for a goal that isn't your destiny, you will always be swimming against the current. Young Ghandi wants to be a stock-car racer? Not gonna happen. Little Anne Frank wants to be a High School teacher. Tough titty Anne. That's not your destiny. But you will go on to move the hearts and minds of millions. Find out what your destiny is and the river will carry you. Now sometimes events in life give an individual clues as to where their destiny lies.

For many, many years, I have solely concentrated on being the best mother I can be, believing that is my only life purpose. After I quit my job to be a stay at home mom, I gradually lost my way in all other aspects of my life. I accepted things just the way they were because I thought they were simply meant to be that way. I don't think I was actually 'swimming against the current'...I just didn't know where I was going.

Only recently did I come to realize that, although being a mother is my most important calling, it is but one part of my whole being.  In the last couple of years, I found out there are actually a lot of other things (no matter how small they may seem), I am good at as well.  I am very grateful because the people around me (and that includes those of you who faithfully read and comment on this blog) have given me the validation I badly needed.
In my prayers, I always ask the Lord to reveal His plans for me and to guide me in His direction. Now, more than ever before, those plans are beginning to get clearer. Slowly, things are falling into place. 

2010 is indeed looking brighter.  I truly believe I am now headed to where my destiny lies.


  1. Here's hoping your journey will we smooth! I'm glad to be along for the ride!

  2. It's wonderful reading when people truly accept there's more to them and their lives than they first imagined or dared to imagine. I hope these little revelations set you on a path to further happiness.

  3. Your post reminds me of my sister—she was ready for a life change but not sure of the direction. She says that my advice helped: Imagine that you have no obligations (no children, making dinner at 6pm sharp, etc) and that money is not an issue (imagine you have millions in the bank). What would you be doing right now? What would make your heart sing? Imagine yourself doing that thing, whatever it is. Imagine the days, the weeks, what you would say, who you would be talking to, imagine all of it. Now, what would it take to get there? READ:You have the dream, now make the reality.
    My sister is a personal assistant for a high-profile person, but at night she’s taking a kinesiology class because she’d like to be a physical therapist. So, she’s just dipping a toe in the water—testing it out—she is making sure that this is a good fit and that she can handle the intelligence load (I already know she can but she needs to prove it to herself). I used to be a stock market trader(stress!) and now I’m a reading teacher(love!) and have more time for my son and quilting. My father always said, “If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life” and he’s absolutely right. Yes, I do believe that there is a “bigger plan” for each of us—once we figure out what will make our heart sing, the people and things we need to reach that goal are provided. So go ahead, dream!

  4. Corinne,so glad to hear you're finding your heart's desire. Indeed,motherhood is an important role we play, but it is not the end all and be all. The essence of being a woman is bringing life to this earth and being able to be what the Lord wants us to be. Being able to do what we want to do. and that accdg. to abraham maslow, the highest need of man which is self-actualization. Good luck in your journey my friend.I'mjust here around the corner. swanie c.

  5. Great post!!
    Don't feel bad because you are only "just" finding your way.
    I believe everything happens WHEN it is supposed to in our lives.'

    Focusing on being a mom was part of your journey that brought you to this new place in which you are ready to branch out and explore new life possibilities.

    2 or 5 or ten years ago you were not in the same place you are now, and your were not ready!

    Good luck in your life ventures!
    (I was a stay at home mom too, that didn't begin to find myself until after the nest was empty and the husband left.... it all happens for a reason!)


    "Serendipity. Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you've found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for.”
    ~ Lawrence Block