Monday, January 11, 2010

First sewing projects for the year

It's 43 degrees C (109.4 F) hot in Melbourne today.  Crazy me, of all days, I decided to clean the bathroom and toilet.  It's only midday and I'm already exhausted.  Just got myself an ice cold glass of water and am now resting while updating my blog.

I've managed to finish a couple of easy projects recently.  First off is this patchwork pillow which I quickly whipped up for a birthday girl (who happens to be my goddaughter). 

The fabric squares are just leftovers from my first market bag.  For the back side, I used the blenders.

I love this pillow but the recipient is only 7 years old so my initial thought was that I should have used kiddie fabrics instead.  I remembered this other simple project and figured it would be more appropriate for her...

A tooth fairy pillow!  Isn't that adorable?  Used this tutorial to make it.

I also baked 2 dozen marble cupcakes last Saturday to take to the birthday party.

The recipe I used is from Martha Stewart.  I don't have her cupcake book yet (still waiting for it to arrive in the mail!) but I found the recipe here.  The cupcakes did not turn out as good as it should have.  I think I overbeat the batter or I did some other thing wrong. 

In the end, I chose to just give the patchwork pillow.  I'm keeping the tooth fairy pillow for my youngest son to use as he still has a lot of teeth to lose anyway.  I know the fabrics aren't boyish...but really, it's for the tooth fairy and not for wouldn't really matter.

At the moment, I am also trying to learn a new craft!

I got the yarn and needles from a swap sometime ago.  Borrowed a couple of books from the library and am now trying to learn the different stitches.  I really don't know if I will progress in this craft.  It's kinda hard on my hands (I have CTS) and eyes.  We'll see.  Sometimes I think that by doing so many different things, I am starting to lose focus.  You know that figure of speech, "Jack of all trades, master of none"?  I started out making and selling rosaries, then sewing bags and softies and making patterns, and now crocheting.  My husband and a lot of other people around me have also been encouraging and convincing me to start a cupcake business.  The question is, should I focus on just one thing to master?  I don't know. 

Before I end, just wanted to ask if anybody would be interested in a tutorial for the patchwork pillow.  I still have some squares left and am planning to make another one soon for another birthday. Please express your interest in the comment section below so I can take photos as I go about sewing that one.

Ok, will sign off now.  My kids want me to make some yeast doughnuts later.  I found this Krispy Creme Doughnuts Copycat recipe...might as well give it a try.  Think of me as you enjoy the cold weather in your side of the world!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your donuts recipe. I made donuts for my kids when they were little and DH loves donuts.
    You little pillow was so pretty.

  2. Very cute things you make. Always! I'm also quite interested in taking up crochet this year but I've only just started sewing after years of not doing it since school (where I wasn't very good) so I'm taking it easy and enjoying one thing at a time.
    I know plenty of people who have several different crafts and projects running at the same time though so I'm sure you'll be fine!
    What inspired me was all the Amirugurumi (I think that's how it's spelt) animals I've seen which are too cute for words.

  3. I Love all of your tutorials, so YES, I would love to see one if you have the time next patchwork pillow you whip up!

    I'm with you - my husband and family say I have Craft ADD! I am all over the map with my projects - sewing, crocheting, just learning to knit, cut-out-cookie decorating, other crafts! (anything that appeals to me!).

    Happy day to you, Corinne!

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