Thursday, January 21, 2010

In the past week...

...I got my first cake order! Was reluctant at first to accept because I was afraid I would stuff it up.  It was for my sister in-law's niece, who, for her 17th birthday, only asked for one thing...a soft and light chocolate cake. As most cakes in the shops here are heavy and super rich mud cakes, my sister in-law thought of asking me to bake for her.

So glad I did...I was super pleased with how the cake turned out and I got great positive feedback from those who feasted on it!

I love the flowers (but honestly, I don't even know what those are supposed to be!).

Yesterday, it was my eldest son's 16th birthday.  Naturally, I had to make a birthday cake for him as well.  It's much harder to do one for a boy, isn't it?  I couldn't put flowers in even if I wanted to...

I opted to design the cake with his favourite NBA team in mind, the Orlando Magic! (I had to promise my other son I would make him a Lakers cake come his birthday.)

Got the team logo off the internet and printed contact print sizes to make those little flags!

I do think I am getting better with cake decorating.  Still amateurish, but considering the fact that all my skills are self-taught, I should be pretty happy with myself...

In the sewing front this time...I managed to sew another digital camera cozy.

The Hello Kitty fabric is way cute!

A nice finishing touch is this little red bow button.

The new eBook and pattern for this digital camera cozy is now available here and here.  You might wonder how I was able to complete that one so fast.  After already writing up many tutorials in the past, the process really does get easier.   There are no complicated steps in this particular project so I encourage all those with boring camera cases to give the pattern a try!

Before I end, let me just leave with you with this music video of my current favourite song.  Puts me in a good mood everytime, just like the people in the video!


  1. I absolutely adore your cakes! Keep up the great work. I love your camera case too - how does one little body hold so much talent.

  2. Your cakes look gorgeous...the decorating is lovely.

    I love the Hello Kitty camera bag. The little bow is the perfect touch.

  3. Michael Buble always makes me smile whatever he's singing. He is on my extensive list of people or bands I simply have to see live one day.
    The cakes look great. Exceptionaly job!

  4. Well done on the cakes and the camera case. Really cool!

  5. Wow I love that chocolate cake, it's simply but very pretty and the icing is so neatly done and I love the HK camera pouch. My sewing machine is collecting dust now, maybe I should get a copy of your e-book. Will come back later when I am not busy. You're such an inspiration.