Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pattern testers please!

Yesterday was a really good day.

Firstly, after a couple of months of anxiously waiting, my eldest son has been offered a place in his preferred university and at the course he really wanted.  The news came as a great sigh of relief.   The university, apart from being a reputable one, is just a 30-minute train ride from our home, making commuting super convenient. I was truly happy for my son! He is turning 18 in a few days, a milestone in itself, and this blessing is certainly a huge icing on his cake.  Yay, we now have an Accountant in the making!

During the day too, I was in the mood to sew another cosmetic bag.  Since I rarely get the urge (and the time) to sew these days, I really had to take advantage of the opportunity.  I also had that strong feeling that I could "perfect" this pattern after a third attempt so I took out our camera and decided to take photos along the way.

And I was right!  The bag turned out beautifully.  The pattern seemed flawless.  I was so satisfied with my sewing...and that doesn't happen very often!

Anyway, you know what comes with a pattern...the instructions, of course! I fixed up all my photos, typed up everything, read, reread and edited, then finally printed the whole thing as a PDF.  Even I am surprised to have come up with a new eBook in such a short time. 

Before I release the eBook, however, I do want the pattern tested.  I had some difficulty constructing my sentences so I want to make sure my instructions are ultra clear.  

Do you want to be a pattern tester?

To be considered, you must have some experience in sewing, particularly in installing zippers, bias binding, and sewing around curves.  You must also commit to:

1.  Finish the bag within a week after I email the PDF to you. (It only takes a couple of hours to make this from start to finish!)
2.  Blog about the pattern if you have a blog then email me the link so I can post it here;  or if you don't have a blog, send me a write-up with photos of your bag so I can share it here too.

Please express your interest in the comments section below.  Do not forget to leave your name and email address.

I will choose up to three (3) pattern testers.  Hopefully, there are a lot of volunteers out there so I will actually have people to choose from!




  1. Congrats on the news of your son going to University! That's wonderful and also the fact that he is so close. God bless you all!
    Sorry can't offer to be a pattern tester but just wanted to say that's a lovely cosmetic bag, well done!
    Best Wishes,

  2. It's cute! I'd love to test it if you still ned testers.

  3. I would love to be a pattern tester! I've got experience with sewing curves on clothing as well as bags, and I've sewn several zippers into bags in my time as well!

    I do have a blog as well although I don't use my blogspot anymore (but if you go to my blogspot blog the top post will redirect you to my current blog)

  4. I would love to test your pattern. But I must warn you, I'm not good at reading and following patterns (maybe it's because English is not my mother tounge? or maybe it's just me ;)). I bought Amy Butlers book and it is totally useless for me.


  5. I'd love to be a tester, I need someting similar to corral all my bathroom stuff for traveling.
    clcunni @ midco.net

  6. Congrats to your son. That is awesome. I'd love to test your pattern. You can check out my blog at www.sewmanythingstosay.blogspot.com
    I'm an experienced seamstress.

  7. Wonderful cosmetic bag... I'd love to test it, done lots of bias work & zippers.

    l3designs (dot) sewing (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. Congratulations on your son's acceptance to University. My daughter graduated in May and currently is working at an unpaid internship. She has applied to graduate school and we are currently waiting to hear if she's been accepted. I know the relief you feel. Unfortunately, grad schools in the US don't send out their acceptances until April. Ugh!
    If you are still looking for pattern testers, I would be happy to do it.

  9. I would love to be a tester & promotor of this pattern!


  10. I forgot to leave my email. It's jmballman@gmail.com

  11. I like the cosmetic bag! I'd love to be a tester too :o)


    1. So sorry but I've already chosen the pattern testers.

  12. never meint, may be the next time! :o)