Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project #1: Cosmetic Bag

I have this old cosmetic bag which I bought just before we moved to Australia.  Been wanting to sew a replica for the longest time because it wasn't like the usual zippered pouch that everyone makes.  It's edges were finished with binding. But truth be told, me and binding are not friends so that explains why I have always resisted the idea of making one.

Yesterday, as I was rummaging through stuff in our garage, I stumbled upon my old bag.  I held it in my hands and it just felt like it was about time.

Love that owls fabric!

Dimensions: 5" (H) by 7" (W) by 2.5" (D)

Completely lined and interfaced with fusible fleece too.

Nice-looking side!

Filled with toiletries I took home from the apartment we rented when we went to Gold Coast last June!

I started with this around 9pm last night.  With some interruptions along the way, I finally completed it at 1am, binding and all.  Just couldn't wait till morning.  It was too darn cute to leave unfinished.

The bag is not perfect in some places but overall, I think it's great! Much better than the original even. I will attempt to do a few revisions to make it even expect a new pouch here soon!