Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2011 Recap

Happy 2012!

I don't want to sound like a killjoy, but ever since we moved to Australia (11 years ago this month), new year's eve and day have been pretty much ordinary days to us.  We do not normally wait for 12 midnight on the 31st nor do we do anything extra special on the 1st (except go to mass).  Occasionally, we do get invited elsewhere.  Like today, we had lunch at a friend's house. I was requested to bring a mango cake.

The best cake for summer!

What do I look forward to or hope for this new year?  One thing is that my eldest son is starting his university studies soon.  Unlike in other countries, the kids here do not have to live on campus on their first year.  And also, they usually go to universities within the state.  The nearer to home, the better.  That saves me the anxiety of a child leaving home, at least for now.

I do know I will be baking more cakes. In 2011, I had over a hundred cake orders! Not a bad effort for a homebaker, if I may say so myself.  It wasn't something I ever expected to happen. I was also pleased to know that I've inspired a lot of stay at-home Filipino moms from all over the world to bake. Some of them have in fact started their own little homebaking businesses as well, making cakes using recipes I've shared on this blog.

Some of my favourite bakes in 2011.

Unfortunately, sewing was something I again ignored (though not completely) in 2011.  I managed to sew a few things during the first half of the year: baby stuffthe errand clutchthe prince charming suitlaptop sleevemore baby stufftoddler jackettoddler coat, and a travel wallet. Around August though, baking totally ruled over my life.   So sorry to admit that I have abandoned making the travel wallet pattern for now.   Hopefully, I will get into the right frame of mind soon.  Within this year????  Let's just wait and see.

I did squeeze in some sewing just before 2011 ended.  Bought the hobo bag pattern from Sweet Pea Totes and made a bag in this matryoshka print for my daughter as part of her Christmas present.

And then, I quickly followed it up with another one in this sweet owls print for a young mom/friend.

I wanted to do more sewing but I think my overeagerness got the best of me, so some of my other attempts didn't go too well.  My confidence level in sewing seems to have completely gone down, having been away from it for a long time.  

Anyway, that's about it for my past year, crafting wise.  Personal life?  Well, it certainly wasn't as colourful or as varied. More than anything, it was challenging and confronting. There is some hard work ahead.

How did yours go?


  1. Another beautiful, and delicious no doubt, cake you have made there, Corinne! I think it's wonderful that you have inspired other women to do what you are doing. Good work! I love your cake collage too. My favorite is still the poinsettia cake you made recently...just beautiful!

    Happy New Year!


  2. Happy New Year to you!
    Your cakes are always great!


  3. Hi Corrine!

    Happy New Year to you!
    thank you for sharing ur recipes and helping me to all my baking, answering my emails, ur my inspiration Corrine...
    God bless ur family


  4. Hello Corrine!

    Happy New Year to you!!!
    The day i saw your ube-macapuno recipe, its inspired me to try and make cakes, but unfortunately i'm not so lucky, i've tried twice doing your cake, but i don't know what i've done wrong... i followed perfectly your recipe... now i'm thinking of enroling in a baking class... i'm wondering did you attend to baking class... if yes could you please refer it to me... i really need to learn.. thanks!

  5. I've never attended a baking class. I basically learned from books and from tutorials in the internet. If you can enrol in lessons, go ahead and have fun!

    You can email me at pike(dot)corinne(at)yahoo(dot)com, if you want. I'll help you figure out why your cakes did not turn out well. Successful baking is not just following a recipe but it requires the right technique, tools and equipment and lots of practice too.

  6. Corrine you do such beautiful work whether it is cakes or sewing...I love it all...especially the owls...yes I am very thankful that here in Australia our children don't have to leave home to study in Uni....I think it is so much better for us and them. Why leave their home/state to study when they don't have to...wish you and your family and wonderful 2012.
    Hugs Khris