Thursday, October 9, 2008

So that you, too, may be smitten

Some nice people have asked me to make a tutorial for the small messenger bag in my last post. I don't want to keep anyone waiting and so I whipped up something quickly...not a full tutorial though as that is really not necessary. The bag is just a downsized version of the original, larger one, of which a detailed tutorial is already available here. What I have are instructions on how to use only 3 fat quarters to make this smaller size. I have complete illustrations on how to cut each piece. Don't worry...additional notes are included on some modifications that you have to do. If you have made the larger one before, this one will be a breeze, I assure you. And if this is your first time, then I assure you, too, that this project is not as complicated as it seems. In fact, it's quite easy.

Download the instructions now and get sewing! I will be making another one myself so I will be sewing along with you. For any questions, feel free to email me.

Please post photos of your bags, if you can. I would be happy to see them!

Have fun.


  1. Oh I love reading your blog. You have posted so many useful tutorials. I always forget to take the step by step pictures for tutorials. Anyway thanks for posting another awesome tutorial, keep up the greatness.


  2. I'll be linking to the original tutorial. They're both fabulous bags, I just LOVE coming here!

  3. Quick qn about the dimensions of your original bag. The back panel says 18"x12". Is that right?

    I've cut out my fabric that size but it's too big to fit on the gusset size that you've written down. Was that a typo and should be 14" like the front panel?

    Am loving reading your blog too.

  4. Hi there, You are referring to the back pocket piece. That is supposed to be folded in half to end up with a 9" by 12" pocket. The front pocket piece is folded as well.

    Thanks for asking and good luck with sewing!

  5. I love this pattern. Thank you sooooo much for posting it. I have been searching for a gift to make for the kids teachers and this is PERRRRRFECT. I also like your blog, know I can add another GREAT blog to my list.

    Houston, TX

  6. Fabulous Tutorial. Very detailed. I'll be attemting to make a mini Heartofmary Messenger Bag in the next few day's. I think I might simplify it a bit and leave out the zip. Have you posted any pictures of your mini Messenger Bags.