Monday, October 20, 2008

Chronicles of a Swap

7 October: Today, I surprisingly received an invitation to participate in a personal swap. Sam from the UK had emailed me to ask if I could make her a mini messenger bag. She'd be providing me with the materials, plus will be sending me some of her own 'goodies'. I had not done any swaps before but yeah, I thought, why not? I could give it a try. Invitation accepted.

8 October: As per Sam's request, I emailed her a list of the materials she needed to send me.

10 October: Sam posted the materials today. Couldn't wait to get this thing started.

17 October: Goods arrived. This is what was inside the package...

Three coordinating fabrics in purple shades (other bag materials not in photo)

5" charm squares, bag pattern to use those squares with, small cuts of assorted printed fabrics, and a Simplicity pattern
Isn't it just obvious how my swap partner loves the colour purple?

Cut all the fabric pieces I needed before going to bed. I was feeling a bit anxious. I had no right to stuff this up! If I did, I would have no spare fabric and I will be in big trouble. Started sewing the flap and handle. So far, so good.

18 October: Worked on the bag for most of the day. My anxiety grew as my sewing machine, of all times, began to act really crazy. Couldn't get the stitches perfectly right, couldn't get the tension right. I changed bobbins, changed needles and still could not figure out what was going on. I had to sew, unpick, sew, unpick, countless times! By afternoon, I was done with the bag. Not fully satisfied though...but maybe it's just me. The bag looked alright but I simply felt frustrated. I just thought it's probably the right time to buy myself a new machine.

19 October: Bag is packed and ready to go.
Emailed Sam to confirm her postal address. She requested for a 'sneaky' photo.

20 October: Went to the Post Office right after I took my kids to school. I have not sent a parcel overseas for some time now so I was in total shock with the postal charges! I must say I was little bit traumatized by that. My 'fault' though because I had added some extra (surprise) stuff, making the package unnecessarily heavier. Oh well, this was afterall my first swap...I should learn.

Overall, it was a great experience. I just hope my swap partner will not be disappointed.

And for Sam, here's the (not so) sneaky photo. Hope I didn't spoil it for you too much!

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  1. It looks brilliant, I shall start stalking the postman!

    Believe me I still get a heart attack by the UK postal prices let alone the overseas ones!!

    Cant wait to get the bag.

    Sam x