Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Little Bit of Spring Cleaning

We never planned to do so...but out of the blue, last weekend, my husband suggested we should. He calls it purging, rather than spring cleaning. We do have so much to get rid of.

My kids and I started with our wardrobes, chucking all our old clothing in a designated box. I never realized we had so much unused clothes (new and still with tags), most of which were given as presents which either did not fit us or just were not our type. What to do with them? Give away? Sell? We haven't thought about that just yet.

I must admit I have a big share of cleaning up to do. My crafting corner which inappropriately sits in our dining room (for lack of some other space) is a definite eye sore. My fabric scraps are piling up and comes with it is the guilt. So what to do? Took out my sewing machine and made a couple of these...

Feels really good to be sewing bags again. And it feels even better to be able to make use of those fabric scraps! Even my bag handles are patchwork! The Japanese-inspired patchwork bag is one of the very first bag styles I learned to make. I must say that my sewing has improved much since that first attempt many months ago! I did not use a pattern for these but was guided by this little tutorial here. Pretty easy to make, provided you've handled a simple tote before and have the patience to piece those fabric strips together. I have one more in the making which I will be posting later. These bags will be going into my pool of handmade Christmas presents.

Hope you are all having a good week! Got to go now...still so much 'purging' to do!

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